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This is a site for volunteers and all you who are interested in our Living Miracles Community in Alozaina, Spain. We blog and share about experiences and insights as we spend time doing the deep spiritual work that is pointed to in A Course in Miracles.

Pizza Night
Pizza Night



The latest news about our community in Europe is shared on this page. We post about our Miracle Moments, the movies we’ve watched lately, Spreakertalks of Jenny and Youtube video’s with David. Our latest group photo’s can be found here too. Please come, visit and like our page!

Living Miracles Europe


Living Miracles Europe as an extension of our global ministry. Living Miracles is a site for those interested is one of the communities, based on A Course in Miracles and the teachings of David Hoffmeister, worldwide. It provides information about Living Miracles Europe and sister organizations around the world. Furthermore there are newsletters, an online TV channel, teaching videos and music to be found on this page.

Online Community

Living Miracles Europe is a networking site for you who are interested in non-dualism. Here we share the teachings of David Hoffmeister and the Messengers of Peace. On this site you can keep track of David’s visits and communicate interests in organizing retreats in Europe. Write to jenny@livingmiracles.eu. You can network and join with a lot of new friends who share in the same Purpose. You are welcome to ask questions, watch videos, write blogs, share your heart, and much more.

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