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In 2015 I was guided to get married to Greg Donner, who is a minister within the Living Miracles Community. This was in the middle of a year of traveling offering gatherings and retreats all around Europe. Greg and I are open to go anywhere we are invited. A meeting with us is an opportunity for a deep experience. You may feel connection, guidance, clarity and life-direction. 

We are available for one-to-one or couple meetings, group sessions and retreats. You are welcome to contact us if you feel to lift up a certain issue for healing, join in presence, or just open up to guidance, clarity and direction of mind- and life-situation.

Greg and I both started to use A Course in Miracles in 2005. For both of us the spiritual path is all about undoing the ego and learning to hear guidance. We practice through inspiring, deep inner listening at all times, and t’s been a lot of meditation, studying of A Course in Miracles and deep self inquiry. This is such a magnificent and amazing adventure! My full commitment began in 2006 after a profound experience of being visited by light beings leading me to America, to live and work closely with David Hoffmeister who is a Master of Light to me and many others. The powerful experience with the light beings showed me the sole purpose for each and everyone who comes to this Earth. This purpose I share about in gatherings, retreats and other holy encounters.

Greg and I serve freely and welcome contributions that help cover our travels and living costs. You can contribute by sending any amount to my phone number 0046730689933 or make a contribution using PayPal to If you’d like to set up a session with us please write to, Skype: spiritlightmystic.

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Our Retreats

The purpose and goal for our retreats is Peace of Mind. A retreat offers an opportunity to join in the desire to align the mind with Purpose; to awaken from the dream of separation. It offers the opportunity to experientially dive deeply into ideas that clarify and remove blocks to the awareness of love.

Jenny and Greg facilitate and offer a space to go as deep as one is ready to go. Everyone who participates is invited to an openness that can lead to the point of recognizing the mind’s core desire. The Spirit guides them in facilitating this process, which paired with the participants’ willingness to heal their minds, is very powerful. There will be many opportunities during a retreat for open communication and questions and answers.

The ideas of A Course in Miracles are the foundation for our retreats and healing sessions. Here are specific tools that we use based on its teaching:

  • Sessions and satsangs
  • Heart-opening exercises
  • Expression sessions
  • Silence and meditation
  • Holy Spirit led communication
  • Q & A
  • Movies (Metaphysical and “mind-watchers”)

When the mind is lost in believing it’s a person in the world it calls for guidance and steps to get out of patterns, roles, and the small individual limited self. Our intention and practice is to tune in with the Holy Spirit and follow His guidance and so lead by example. This is a very pure experience of not being the doer or the one in charge. 

Whether you desire to wake up from the dream of separation or just to receive a boost of love, please follow your heart and come join us!

With Love,



Hi Jenny.

I’m grateful I’ve met you this week-end on the workshop here in Copenhagen and I would like to be your friend on FB. I love your radiance which to me is both strong and soft. Thank you for being you.




The retreat was a gift

“Dear Jenny and Greg

I was ready to receive the many gifts you gave in the retreat.

Your demonstration of staying connected to Spirit was truly inspiring. I loved watching your defenselessness and ability to listen to Spirit.

I see that Spirit is always helpful. Spirit is not the rational mind, ready with clever answers but is truly helpful in sometimes an unexpected way.

Thank you for being totally comfortable will all emotions that came up in the group – Spirit is the best group facilitator that I have ever seen in action!

When I was reading and mediating before the session this morning my mobile phone was charging beside me and when I looked at it, it showed 100%. And I though yes – 100%. That how I feel and that how much I feel connected – so there was nothing for me to share this morning.

Your presence over that last weeks led me on a deep inner mind training.

I feel I have had the opportunity grow rapidly. I am ready to serve in a deeper way.

I am not sure if I will have time to meet before you leave but would love to have a photo with you both.

The Sunday Slot was wonderfully guided by Spirit – I was handing everything over to Spirit following your example!

More gratitude than world can express.


Emoji   Hi Jenny and Greg
Just wanted to make contact again!

When we left you all on sunday…..the love was incredible…..almost too much to contain!!..
SO healing………and Peter and I are talking together now from the heart/spirit…we have never been able to do that in the 10 years we’ve been together!! My heart is so full of gratitude to the Holy Spirit..who reveals itself, with such love through you both…pure beauty, like ive never experienced before.

I am seeing the Christ as I walk around my village….the village  I have loved so much…the home i have loved so much……my yoga teaching…my part time job at ‘Ruby Shoesday’…it all feels different……it feels like i’m preparing to move a place where i can face all the blocks fully… unveil that which is my true Self.

It looks like we wont be able to go to Mallorca….so please keep me posted with what’s happening re your retreat centre in Spain…..[.i almost feel like i’m there already!]…….

So much Love to you all
Gabriella xx


Thank you for the amazing retreat at Findhorn. So very much happened in that still, love-filled space. Hard to put into words how much gratitude I have, even though my mind doesn’t really know what has actually occurred. Lydia & I had a joyful journey home & I saw Peter & Gabriella at our ACIM group today..we were all lit up & so happy. I am looking at doing the MMT or moodle..i feel this may be the best way forward..have you any comments about it? My main practice now is to love myself enough to be constantly vigilant with mind..that was just one of the many beautiful gifts you gave. Both you & Greg were incredible & it was certainly a life changing experience. a gentle heart is opening♡♡
~Ann C


Just wanted to say what an amazing time at Findhorn, so glad I went.
To let go the grievance around Findhorn was very important to me but to experience the incredible love from everyone was beyond words.

I’m so grateful to you both for helping me see more around relationship with my partner; I feel really positive about our being and building together.

Today started with the words – “If not now, when?” I’m sure there has been a shift, and today back to work, seemed to show that, with a more sustained awareness of Spirit.
Thanks again for your time and your love,

Love, Peter


Hi Jenny, Greg,

Had a wonderful flight back this time, everyone seemed to be smiling and friendly, it was amazing. Before I left the airport, I joined a long queue at Starbucks, I was blissed out, again the world seemed amazing, when finally I reached the counter the bottle in the photo’ was the first thing I saw! It made me laugh!

My deep thanks to you both for the totally safe and amazing retreat, I know it was so important for me. What an incredible group as well!

Connection with my partner is reflecting so much back to me which is truly beautiful.
She has I think mentioned that we feel we would like to help out in Sweden – October seems like a good time, but I will let you know soon what exactly we are feeling and see if that fits in with you.
Lots of love and best wishes to you and everyone still at Deva,



Hello there, hello everywhere!

I’m so much filled with love. This is amazing after some days at work and with the family that it really is possible to be in love, to feel love so strongly. It’s so beautiful! The net of love’s support is there in all situations and in every encounter. Wau! Thank you all so so so SO much. You are so beautiful!
No words for this.

Endless LOVE and Peace

Love you all,



Hello My Beloveds,

Wow, that was one hell of a ride, such a beautiful time with you all. Words cannot describe how I feel right now. However all I can say is you are all in my heart. Thank you so much for your support and love.

Peace be with you always


Kenneth Clifford


Hi everybody!
This love is persistent and will not stop filling and fulfilling me.

Thank you Jenny, Greg and each one of you all for showing the way to this place which is not a place at all but an eternal state divine.

Michael H


Hey hello …all fellow silent retreaters,

‘Piemer & Riiu’ came in a warm and blissful state back in Helsinki, we still felt the silent-love in and around us…

We have been bathing in Love, and today we jumped in the hole of the ice of the sea (of love) together. We came out vibrant and alive.

Thanks again to Jenny and Greg and everybody!

Love from Riemer & Piiu


Safely at home, tired but beaming. I was so happy to meet briefly with Minerva and then Jenny and Greg at Helsinki airport this morning. It made me feel that Love continues and grows. At my final airport I saw someone carrying a suitcase with a logo “Free Forever”, and I jumped with joy!
Wasn’t it just blissful to see the changes on our faces at the end of the two weeks.

My gratitude to Jenny and Greg has no boundaries, no limits. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all.

Love and Joy – Johanna


Thank you Jenny. I have no words. My heart is so full with love and gratitude for all that we have shared this last fortnight and for each and every one of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



For me silent retreat was such a deep dive into Pure Love. Something that I’ve always looked for, but never quite understood what it could be. Allowing the mind to rest in peace. The silence itself encouraged me to look inside, where the connection to love, joy, happiness and peace were founded. Miracles after another were unfolded, as we were bathing in the ocean of love together.  

Jenny’s & Greg’s presence provided a humble atmosphere, where deep healing of mind was possible to happen in acceptance and safe. The group supported us all to shine the light that we really are. Deep gratitude, love, dearest companions and trust in guidance are now preserved in my heart.

– Lea


I thank you from the heart that you offered your home for film screening and your interpretation of the film. It gave another dimension to watching movies and gives me a different way of seeing. For me it is not so easy to find movies so I look forward to another time – perhaps? Warm hugs (ye!), And thanks to that I could share my feelings and get feedback on them. Thank you that there are people like you and because you put so much dedication and devotion to the truth that all I seek. Thank you thank you.



Jenny… just wanna tell you that your light can’t be avoided when you just look at me with eyes full of love and with a beautiful smile on your face! maybe sometimes I say to myself Jenny doesn’t speak much and doesn’t give me a lot of helpful infromation but now I can tell how helpful you can be merely by your calm and peaceful LOVING presence. I just want to go inside my internet and reach you to HUG YOU endlessly … and to tell you I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU LOVE U LOVE U LOVE U LOVE U LOVE UUUUUUUUUUUUUUU


Hello Jenny!

I want to write and thank you for the nice Saturday we had together. So simple yet full of life. I appreciate your simplicity and what you shared on your way to enlightenment. The day after I felt like I was filled, but at the same time a feeling of emptiness. Missed the friends and the emotional environment from Saturday.

Looking forward to a retreat with you here in Sweden.

Thank you for listening to your inner power and sharing it.

Warm hug to you

Barbro v K

Dear Jenny, so inspiring to hear about your journey and how you live your life now. That the Holy Spirit is in you. It gives me important inspiration for a freer life and being more alive; more simplicity and security that’s coming from within. I find myself in a stage where I surrender to the Holy Spirit what I do not understand or can handle. The Holy One must take care of my “alienation”, my “old”. I’m doing my part, what I’m currently coping with, capable … and handing over with a warm hand “the rest” to the Holy Spirit. So lucky just over that discovery, that outlet.

We have different ways to travel to find Home. And there is no right or wrong. We do whatever we can in every holy moment. But to practice again and again, to EXPERIENCE, and to rehearse, whether it is fear of something, or to open up to the light inside, which may be so painful. (Nelson Mandela’s “poem” is just like a little reminder …)

Back to yesterday. Asked Jenny how it happened that she called me that night, the day before Christmas Eve. Had listened later to my answering machine and found eager and happy voices in both Swedish and English. When the weekend together had passed, I thought back. It was natural to create this day together. All in all a wonderful flow of ease and joy. And in between, unexpected ego attacks and doubt … in me. Then back into the flow. Jenny and Greg’s phone call was the answer to my desire for deepening. Had finished my Miracle Circle and wanted to go on … Why had she called? Guidance.

“What would you not be able to accept, if you only knew that all that happens, all events, past, present and future, are carefully planned by Him whose only purpose is your best.” A-135.18

Sometimes, not to say often, I see the connection between the lesson I hold and what the world gives me. Right now Lesson A-135, which deals with DEFENCE. I did not know that PLANNING is one of our most common self defences!? And as I have PLANNED in my life. Obviously, it is the need for control. Before our Day with Jenny, I naturally practiced not to plan too much. Sure, preparing the practical. Chairs, food, a little beautiful to rest your eyes on … But then I handed over the details to the Holy Spirit. And everything worked. All helpful hands, loving eyes, encouraging words … carried me / us through this day. An important experience for me. The details were completely arranged.

I would also like to mention the closing exercise in the circle with touch. It gave me a deep experience. Most often in groups, I’m the tallest and largest in form. Yesterday I had to experience myself as small and carried by someone that was both bigger and taller than me. During the exercise, I was able to practice my trust. Trust that even when I fall, I give in to gravity … Relax … there is “someone” who receives. A warm and safe arm to rest in. Thanks for that experience.

C, I liked your symbol of the bus that brings us forward … until we no longer need it. And we can jump off … find a new vehicle that suits us … maybe a delicious red sports car.

And this idea of “death” … it is an illusion. I like that thought …

Light & Warmth




Hej Jenny!

Vill skriva och tacka dig för den fina lördagen vi hade tillsammans. Så enkelt men ändå så livgivande. Uppskattar din enkelhet och det du delade från din väg till upplysning. Söndagen kändes som jag blivit påfylld men samtidigt en känsla av tomhet. Saknade vännerna och den känslomässiga miljön från lördagen. 

Ser verkligen fram mot en retreat med dig här i Sverige. 

Tack för att du lyssnat på din inre kraft och att du delar med dig av den.

Varm kram till dig

Barbro v K


Kära Jenny, så inspirerande att höra om din resa och hur du nu lever ditt liv. Om att Den Helige Ande är förkroppsligad i dig. Det ger mig viktig inspiration om ett friare och mer levande liv. Mer av enkelhet och trygghet som kommer inifrån. Själv befinner jag mig på ett stadie där jag överlämnar till Den Heliga Ande det jag inte förstår eller kan hantera. Den Helige, får ta hand om mitt ”ältande”, mitt ”gamla”. Jag gör min del, det jag just nu klarar av, förmår… och överlämnar med varm hand ”resten” till Den Helige Ande. Så lycklig bara över den upptäckten, den ventilen.

Vi har olika vägar att vandra för att hitta Hem. Och det finns inga rätt eller fel. Vi gör så gott vi förmår i varje heligt ögonblick. Men att öva och återigen öva och att UPPLEVA och att återigen UPPLEVA, vare sig det handlar om rädsla inför något, eller att öppna sig för ljuset inuti som kan vara väl så smärtsamt. (Bifogar Nelson Mandelas ”dikt”, bara som en liten påminnelse…)

Igen till gårdagen. Frågade Jenny hur det kom sig att hon ringde till mig den kvällen, dagen före julafton. Hade något senare lyssnat av min telefonsvarare och fann ivriga glada röster på både svenska och engelska. När helgen passerat, återkopplade jag. Det blev naturligt att skapa den här Dagen tillsammans. Allt i ett underbart flöde av lätthet och glädje. Och däremellan, icke obekanta egoattacker och tvivel… i mig. Så tillbaka in i flödet. Jenny och Gregs telefonsamtal var svaret på min önskan om fördjupning. Hade avslutat min Mirakelcirkel och ville själv vidare… Varför hon hade ringt? Hon kom inte ihåg… Inte heller så viktigt.

”Vad skulle du inte kunna acceptera, om du bara visste att allt som sker, alla händelser, förgångna, nuvarande och kommande, är varsamt planerade av Honom Vars enda syfte är ditt bästa.” A-135.18

Ibland, för att inte säga ofta, ser jag samband mellan den lektion jag uppehåller mig vid och det som världen ger mig. Just nu lektion A-135, som handlar om FÖRSVAR. Jag visste inte att PLANERA är ett av våra vanligaste egoförsvar!? Och som jag har PLANERAT i mitt liv. Handlar självklart om behovet av kontroll. Inför vår Dag med Jenny, fick jag naturligt öva mig i inte planera för mycket. Visst, förbereda det praktiska. Stolar, mat, lite vackert att vila ögonen på… Men sen detaljerna överlämnade jag till den Helige Ande. Och Allt fungerade. Alla hjälpsamma händer, kärleksfyllda ögon, uppmuntrande ord… bar mig/oss genom den här Dagen. En viktig erfarenhet för mig. Detaljerna ordnade sig alldeles av sig Självt.

Den avslutande övningen i cirkel med beröring vill jag också nämna. Den gav mig en djup upplevelse. Oftast i grupper är jag längst och störst till formen. Igår fick jag uppleva mig som liten och buren. Någon var både större och längre än jag. Fick under övningen möjlighet att öva min TILLIT. Tillit till att även när jag faller, ger efter för tyngdlagen … slappnar av… finns ”någon” där som tar emot. En varm och trygg famn att vila i. Tack för den upplevelsen.

C, jag tyckte om din symbolbild av bussen som för oss framåt… tills vi inte längre behöver den. Och vi kan hoppa av… finna ett nytt fordon som för mig vidare… kanske en läckert röd sportbil.

Och det här med ”döden”… som en illusion. Gillar den tanken…

Ljus & Värme



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