This Present Moment is
One Precious Opportunity
to Dance in the Truth of your Heart.
Let your mind be Free
and Dance with Me.

I am here to look at the blocks to love’s awareness. This is an experiment that has everything to do with letting go of the unreal to ultimately experience Liberation from ego-limits and true Freedom beyond the body. There is no formula for this. What will be most helpful differs from circumstance to circumstance and from person to person. If one wants a guide, one will find the guide that perfectly suits his or her mind and situation. I pray that we all recognize what we need to undo, and what is Given for us to be able do so. It is in our awareness and life right now.

A guide that led me to my Inner Guide was A Course in Miracles. What is Given now is Mighty Companions.  A Course in Miracles is a system of right-minded ideas, it is a curriculum channeled from Christ consciousness in the sixties and seventies. For the ones who attract A Course in Miracles into their lives, with willingness and readiness its ideas will help the  mind to heal and to see clearly. It is an amazing experience of learning what it means to be truly helpful. 

You are so welcome to join me. The Holy Spirit comes forth in a way that is helpful, clear, and healing whenever any of us truly join. 

With Love,
Jenny Donner


Welcome Home my child, you were always with Me!


On the Spiritual Path


It’s an interesting phenomenon that one can desire the spiritual journey without the intention of undoing the ego.


There is something in the mind that so desires to Know the True Self that impels you to go on the spiritual path in the first place.


Once the journey has begun the ego starts to get hit, sometimes both from the left and from the right. And right from underneath; when the rug gets pulled.


In worst-case scenario, you say you’re not continuing. In best-case scenario you say, Bring it On! As fast as possible! I don’t want ego anymore. It never served me well. Let me go through the undoing, let me go through the purgatory, let the ego burn.


Oh this burn! It is so beautiful to be a willing mind that’s allowing this burn, this extinction of the small personal tiny identity, the roaring lion of a small self – a persona.


And from the perspective of the Spirit there isn’t even a fight; nothing at all is happening. The only place where there is anguish and despair is only ever on the ego side of things. This place is illusion. It is not real.


Oh how glorious to be given the means to undo this tiny obstacle that once seemed to have the power to cover the Light of Truth—this seemingly powerful illusion that for a moment was given authority to disguise your true Identity. Just as you can seem to, even with your fingernail, cover the whole sun.


Now you are invited! Take your fingernail off to experience the Full Light of sun! Uncover and stand in nakedness before this glorious Light of Truth, before your true Self that bears no likeness to your personal self at all.


All Glory to Who You Are.




You are Welcome..